Three ways to cut off the temptation of sweets


Sometimes you want to eat sweets, right?
And once you start eating, you may not be able to stop.
However, if you eat too much, you will gain weight and it may cause skin aging.
In this article, I’ll show you three ways to resist the temptation of sweets.

1 ) Eat 3 meals properly a day

If you eat three meals properly, you won’t want much sweets.
Is it true? You may doubt me.
Even if you can not believe me, please try eating three well-balanced meals properly.
If possible, eat brown rice or wheat rice and miso soup.(or other soup without milk or cream)

However, there is one points to note.
The order of eating is important.
First, eat vegetables, or meat, fish and eggs.
And then, meat, fish and eggs.
At the last, eat rice bowls or bread.

One of the purposes is to prevents blood sugar from rising suddenly.
If you continue, you won’t want snacks.

If you are a little hungry, first drink water or tea to calm your stomach.
Nuts, rice crackers, fruits, etc. are recommended.

2) Not to your body get cold

When your body is cold, you want something sweet.
sweets and warm cocoa are delicious on cold winter days, aren’t they?

When your body gets cold and body temperature drops, you want something that doesn’t lower your body temperature.
The body tries to constrict blood vessels to prevent heat from being radiated.
That’s why we need sugar.

Even in the summer, your body is cold in the air conditioner, so you want something sweet all year round.

However, eating sweets can make you chill.
The reason is that vitamin B is needed when metabolizing sugar, and the body becomes deficient in vitamin B.
Vitamin B deficiency causes poor circulation and makes it easier for the body to get cold.

Also, when you take sugar, your blood sugar level rises sharply and then drops sharply.
When it goes down, it takes away your body temperature, which makes your body cold.

Eating too much sweet food cools your body, and when it gets cold, you want sweet food,
which is “a vicious cycle”.

Keeping your body not to get cold and improving blood flow are also important to prevent the temptation of sweets.

Therefore, if you want to eat sweets, it is recommended to drink warm tea or hot water to warm your body and reduce the temptation of sweets.

3)Avoid stress

When you feel stressed, you want to eat sweets.
When you eat sweets, substances such as serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline are released from your brain, which relieves stress.が食べたYour body’s defense instinct makes you want something sweet.

Avoiding stress will prevent you from eating sweets.

You might say “I know that!”.

For example, when your boss tells you something you don’t like, you get stressed.
When you get home, it makes you frustrating when you remember that.

In such a case, you should forget it once.
Try to focus on others to forget.
I recommend the ones that have a sense of accomplishment.

For example, cooking, sewing, exercising, cleaning, etc. ..
It ’s good to go out for a dog walk, garden cleaning, etc.

Try it instead of eating sweets.

Exam pressure builds up stress.
In such a case, please try the following three steps
1 Drink warm tea
2 Take a deep breath
3 I think it can’t be helped if I worry

4) Even so, how to eat sweets when you want to eat

If you like sweets, quitting can be stressful.
Please decide the amount of sweets that are hard to get fat, whenever you eat sweets.
100 calories or less per day as a guide.

◆Recommended sweets with less than 100 calories◆


Fructose in fruits is less likely to raise blood sugar levels than sugar.
They contains vitamins and minerals that make your skin beautiful.
However, it is high in sugar, so don’t overeat.

Fruit 100 calories
 Two-thirds of apples
 3 in mandarin oranges
 Grape grain 15
 2 kiwis
 15 strawberries

◆Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets are recommended because they contain less oil than Western sweets.
Anko is made from red beans, white beans, potatoes, etc., so it contains plant fiber.


Since the calories are low for the amount, it will be easier to eat and be satisfied.

Tips for eating sweets

Decide the amount before eating
For those who just eat everything, don’t buy more than you eat for a day
And serve on a plate, then put away the rest quickly

When you want to eat crispy food, rice crackers are recommended
The salt and crispness are similar to snacks,but oil and calories are lower.


When you eat Sweets carelessly, you may wonder your intention is weak .
However, there are times when you want something sweet because of your body’s mechanism.
It may also be due to eating habits such as skipping meals or not eating breakfast.
Sweets sometimes make you happy and enrich your life.
Let’s consider what to eat and right amount.


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